Airsoft Games – Prolonging Airsoft Skirmishes With Medics

Airsoft Games – Prolonging Airsoft Skirmishes With Medics

In airsoft play, a medic is a player who has the ability to re-spawn injured or dead players. In others words, they can touch a dead man or injured player and “heal” the .38 special ammo llowing the player to re-join the game. You can either play Medic, a game focused around the concept, or introduce medic(s) into another form of airsoft skirmish. There are several possible variations of this option worth considering:

Will the medic be a single player on the team, several members, or will all players have medic abilities? The fewer medics on a team, the more valuable the medic becomes. Too many medics and your game may never end… which is not necessarily a bad thing.

In games where there are multiple medics, can a medic “heal” another medic? If everyone has medic abilities, of course they can, but if you only have a few medics in the game, this question becomes more important.

Will the medic(s) be armed? In so

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