Barely Living Until Your Next Paycheck?

Barely Living Until Your Next Paycheck?

Many people set budgets for their monthly expenses, but forget to factor in their daily living expenses such as a lunch out or a coffee on the way to work.

These expenses do Bare Living not sound like a lot but can make a huge difference in your ability to stay on your budget.

What Are Your Spending Money On?

Many people spend money here and there and then at the end of the week wonder where all their hard- earned paycheck went.

Again, many people never factor in the little expenses that they routinely spend during their week. Many people stop at the local coffee shop on the way to work and pick up coffee and maybe a bite to eat.

Oftentimes without proper planning you have to buy your lunch. Additionally, many people eat dinner out more than once a week. Consider all these minor expenses and you can see why so many people are unable to stay on a budget.

Evaluate Your Budget

Many are spending as little as five dollars a day on just a coffee or a little bite of lunch. The five dollars a day over the course of the week is twenty-five dollars.

If you were able to save twenty-five dollars every week over the course of time you could have a nice savings. To evaluate your monthly expenses including the minor expenses you should consider writing down all the money you spend in one month.

Having an accurate picture of how much money you spend in one month will help you evaluate whether or not you are living beyond your means or how much money you will need when you are negotiating salary.

Ways to Save Money

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