Buy Best Kids Toys Online – Save Money

 Buy Best Kids Toys Online – Save Money

Most internet stores do not have a physical location so you don’t pay any sales taxes. This is a benefit to customers and a money saving option also. Buy products online like:

Mitashi VG3 Boxing  Toys for boys Virtual Games

This is a Virtual Game pack witch consists of one 16-bit game supporting Joypad & one 8 Bit game supporting Joypad which can play games supporting 16-bit graphics & 8 bit graphics as well. There are also 2 boxing gloves, for the child to wear and play the boxing game virtually. The product is a gaming device which can operate within 4 feet range of the central console. The child needs to put battery in boxing gloves for operation, which also functions as the wireless remote giving the signals to the console. The movement of the boxing gloves indicates the response of the child on the screen. The boxing game follows all the rules of the physical on-ground game along with the umpire’s comments. Along with the boxing game, there are additional 98 built in games are there.


o One Main Console

o 2 Wireless Joypad

o 2 Wireless boxing gloves

o One AV cable. (to connect the main consol with TV)

o One AC Adopter

o One 6 Months warranty card

o One user manual

o Total In-built games: 99 (No of 8 Bit games are: 76 & No of 16 Bit Games: 23)

Main Features:

o The console has built-in 23 games with 16 Bit graphics including games like Agressor, Underground Battle, Xtreme Race, Surviver and Mars Attack

o Along with the above 76 other games are there with 8 Bit graphics

o The Joypad has a slot for external game cartridges which are available everywhere, and hence, the console is adaptable to additional games as well. The cartridges need to be 8-Bit game cartridges

o It performs like a virtual gaming zone with real action

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