Creating Awesome Permanent Memories in Youth Football

Creating Awesome Permanent Memories in Youth Football

Kids say the darndest things and when you are coaching youth football some of the things your youth football players say are jewels that bring a smile to your face and even แทงบอลออนไลน์  go into long term memory. As many of you may know the University of Nebraska has fired their head coach, Bill Callahan and are now in the process of looking for a new head coach. That process is in the news here in a big way here to put it mildly.

Tom Osbornes every move and comment as Athletic Director is chronicled, analyzed and debated to the atomic level. Everyone wants to be clued in on who the candidates are. Every plane passenger coming in and out of Lincoln Nebraska is being scrutinized for coaching candidates much like security scanning for Arab terrorists. In other words, it’s big news here, you can’t escape it, speculation is rampant as to who the next coach for the Cornhuskers will be.

This weekend one of my own children suggested to me that I should be the next head coach for the Huskers. In all sincerity, they told me I should apply and that I would do a great job. After laughing so hard I nearly coughed a lung up, I thought it was great that one of my kids thought so highly of my coaching skills that they felt I would be qualified to coach a College team that has the third most wins in NCAA College Football history. I went on to explain to them the qualifications of a college football coach and why I was not qualified to coach the team. I also explained the huge time commitments required, as most of the coaches around here work from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm and that working those type of hours would mean missing out on a lot of the special things we do together. After mulling it over, my child said “Dad I think you should just stick to coaching the Eagles”.

It seems my own child is not the only one with the same opinion. Here is an e-mail received this Monday from one of my youth football parents:


After hearing the news on Saturday, XXX is of the opinion that you should be the next Nebraska Head Coach. I asked him how that would work, since you also were coaching the Screaming Eagles. He said that would be no problem, you already coach two teams, so one more should not be a problem.

Should I let Coach Osborne know you are interested?


You can’t buy these kind of moments, youth football kids you got to love them. One of the benefits of coaching kids are the laughs and memories you get from impressionable young people. But on a more serious note, if your youth football players think as highly of you as your own children, you have a huge responsibility to be a great role model. Your players eyes are on you every moment you are on the field and don’t think they aren’t paying attention to you off the field as well. I still remember the names of my youth football coaches and carry around memories of those days in mind to this day. I can’t seem to remember my computer passwords or the entry code to the garage lock, but I can remember my youth football playing days. Don’t think your players won’t be in the same shoes 35 years from now.

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