Getting Real about Violence Prevention

Newton, MA ….. April, 22nd 2007

Firearm regulations and more tight security are not by any means the only responses to taking care of the issues of viciousness in America. Becoming truly about weapon brutality includes taking a gander at the natural make-up and cognizance of the shooter. Realizing the reason why people become vicious is basic assuming we are to forestall brutality.

What happened at Virginia Tech is frightening and profoundly miserable, yet maybe it likewise presents a chance for learning. For what reason did Seung-Hui Cho shoot these individuals and afterward commit suicide? We as a whole know it’s not the firearms’ issue! Weapons are not one or the other “awful” nor “great,” “brutal” nor “serene”. Without   6.5 prc ammo else, they are a piece of metal framed into a component that can discharge a lead projectile, empty point etc. In the possession of a cop or a trooper or somebody protecting oneself, they are viewed as a weapon for “harmony” or “wellbeing”, in any event, when it kills somebody. Similar firearm in the possession of a lawbreaker or somebody intellectually upset is thought of “terrible” or “evil” on the off chance that it kills somebody. The truth is, whether one refers to the firearm as “great” or “terrible”, “tranquil” or “evil”, the weapon that is utilized to shoot anyone is dangerous. Also, the superseding question remains: what is the reason for such savagery?

The shootings at Virginia Tech were unfortunately lethal for 33 individuals. The inquiry to pose is: Why do specific people pull the trigger and others don’t? To me, we need to take a gander at the natural and mental make-up of the distinct individual. I accept our brain science is emphatically affected by our natural circumstances, which are extraordinarily impacted by what we ingest into our bodies. For instance, assuming that one eats unhealthy food and food that is made fiercely, one will encounter the garbage and rough energy of that food, which articulates itself thoughts as outrage, upsetness and disappointment. If one eats quiet and quieting food sources, one will enjoy the harmony and quieting energy of these food varieties, which articulates itself thoughts as adoring and amicable. At the end of the day, science influences our brain research; how we feel, think and act.

I realize there exists dispute concerning whether brain research goes before science or science continues brain science; whether our reasoning influences our natural make-up, or whether our organic make-up influences our reasoning. I accept both are valid. By the by, the conversation could prompt the responses with regards to why there are more quiet individuals than brutal individuals on the planet? What’s more, why Seung-Hui Cho shot these individuals and afterward committed suicide?

I accept that this individual, Cho Seung-Hui, who was furious and upset, composing vicious plays (which kind of helped me to remember Stephen King’s books!), and taking drug for sorrow, maybe was releasing all the poo and “low quality food” he took in and ate and couldn’t handle. Maybe his stinging body dominated.

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