Make Widespread Share of Your Screen Recording Video

 Make Widespread Share of Your Screen Recording Video

Screen recording has become one of the most popular ways to create tutorial, demonstrate presentation and produce video. The screen recording video technology iTop Screen Recoder

 , after years of development, already shows the importance in wide industry field. There are two dominant file formats for video publishing: AVI and SWF.

The screen recording videos are widely used in software training, system demonstration and Website service presentation. Because the high quality AVI file provides, it’s easy to share on the internet, burn to video CD and play with most players. SWF file plays an important role in the area of e-learning education and online communities. Teachers make vocal lecture notes and giving distance learning through internet with screen recording video. The clear video quality yet highly compressed file size make it easy to upload to the internet and spread rapidly. Furthermore, its interactive feature makes people think and learn by simulation. It’s the unique characteristic SWF file has.

However, people are not satisfied with only these two file formats. There are still big gaps the potential users who ask screen recording software to fill up. They hope that screen video could be used in many more aspects to meet their needs and want to generate their screen recording videos in more file formats.

Streaming Online video

No doubt the online streaming video is one of the greatest inventions of the 21 century, and YouTube is the bellwether of the industry. Everyday there will be above one billion clicks on the online videos at It is, as it were, the most effective manner to make you popular and bring millions of traffics from all over the world.

In that case, as a screen recording video maker, a good video might bring you an unexpected surprise. However, the proper video format and resolution are also the key-items to success. Not only does good screen recording software require great output, but it also demands that the perfect video files matches with YouTube. So the MP4 files with the ratios of 16:9 widescreen or 4:3 can be welcomed by the video authors. They neither need to adjust the video for proper size in order to get the best video output nor worry about the long waiting time while uploading a huge video file, compared with AVI file.

Mobile phone

Perhaps this is the second large demanding group of electronic product except for computer. Nowadays, it’s hard to define a high-tech mobile phone as a simpl communication tool. People would like to regard their handhold electronic gadgets as micro PCs and hands-on video is boosting fast be to a new mainstream as one part of mobile phones.

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