Media Lines Are Fuzzy As Seen in New Game Show

 Media Lines Are Fuzzy As Seen in New Game Show

Gary Coleman, the once popular child star from the show “Different Strokes” has largely been famous for being famous for quite some time. That fact may be changing  WhatsApp lucky Draw winner 2022 thanks to his involvement as a media personality for “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.” The margarine has developed a game show in which individuals take on Coleman with trivia questions ranging from pop culture from the 70s and 80s to questions about food. The winner can possibly win an $1 million annuity.

Another game show is no big deal, but there are elements to this program that are interesting, to say the least. Most importantly, the show is web based and not on TV.

This unique approach has the following advantages:

* It’s cheaper than the traditional game show format, TV. This goes without saying and it allows for a worldwide audience and not merely a national one.

* It allows a level of branding on the show that is normally never done on TV. “I Can’t Believe it is Not Butter” is plastered on every inch of the game show’s campaign.

* A web personality has to be cheaper than a TV personality. Let’s face it, Coleman has been desperate for a new career. His recent marriage has created a stir (she is much taller and younger than him), but he has largely been under the radar screen.

* It is leading to creative PR. Coleman is giving interviews all over the media about his new bride, but those exchanges appear predicated on him being allowed to promote the new game show.

* The program allows for people to win the opportunity to win $1

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