Metro 2033: Review

 Metro 2033: Review

Metro 2033 is based off a novel written by Russian author Dimitry Glukhovsky. I never read the novel as to which this videogame is based off. I can tell you this however, it must be one depressing, scary book. Metro 2033 released 303 British ammo for sale March of last year. This atmospheric videogame was developed by 4A Games and published by THQ. Metro 2033 is a atmospheric horror first person shooter driven by a good story. It also has some strong weaknesses as well.

Artyom is Metro 2033’s protagonist and just a regular guy who is thrusted into the story by a Ranger named Hunter. Hunter needs Artyom to relay an important message to Polis Station. Hunter tells Artyom a message about the Dark Ones. Dark Ones are the names of the monsters you fight against in Metro 2033. Anyways, Artyom must travel through dangerous underground subway stations as well face the harsh brutal outside terrain of post apocalyptic Moscow. All of the latter while trying not to be killed by waring factions, monsters, demons and bandits you encounter along the way.

Metro 2033’s story is good. This is a story driven fps. You must interact with characters for story driven information. Cutscenes and narration also conveys Metro’s story. Artyom doesn’t talk in Metro 2033. But that doesn’t stop the story from moving at a decent progression. Artyom also has powerful thought provoking nightmares that are interactive. The dreams gives you the player insight into the mind of Artyom.

Metro 2033 is over a year old now. The textures and effects are particularly good. The gun models are highly detailed as well. Sometimes people at times all look alike and their eyes are kinda odd looking. The characters models needs work as well as the animations. The lighting is really good considering much of the gameplay is centered around light and darkness. Overall the game is average visually.

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