Playground Rubber Flooring, Safety and Maintenance

 Playground Rubber Flooring, Safety and Maintenance

Playground Rubber Flooring and Safety

Rubber flooring in playgrounds is an effective surface to reduce the risk of serious injury if a child should fall from a height whilst at play. Playing outdoors is a natural pastime for most children and안전놀이터 therefore it is vital that the environment they spend so much time in is ultimately safe. This means inspecting the playground equipment thoroughly for sharp edges and loose fittings and also fitting the playground with a safety surface to cushion the landing if a child falls. Play equipment should be clearly marked for which age group it is recommend for and separated from those for older children to avoid accidents. Adult supervision alongside safe rubber flooring will ensure your child is safe at all times.

Using Wet Pour Rubber

Wet pour is a synthetic rubber and one of the most effective playground safety surfaces in schools, public playgrounds and sports areas. The rubber granulate is bound with polyurethane resin to produce a seamless surface. Due to its impact absorbent and anti-slip properties, it is a child friendly surface that can be played on in most weather conditions whilst still providing maximum protection. The great thing about wet pour is that it comes in a variety of colours and can be laid directly onto existing tarmac as well as grass, although the latter will require some initial groundwork. Overall wet pour rubber flooring is designed to offer ultimate safety performance, strength and cost effectiveness to the playground in question.

Maintaining Playground Rubber Flooring

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