Pretender Cell Phone Stun Gun

In this article I will give you data on the Pretender Cell Phone Stun Gun so you can settle on an educated choice prior to making a buy. I will spread out the elements, activities, and experimental outcomes.

The Pretender Stun weapon portrayal: look, size, and weight.

·         On the off chance that somebody asked to pushcart your cell and you gave them the Pretender they wouldn’t realize it was a 6.5 creedmoor ammo  Gun, it closely resembles a mobile phone. It is the most sensible cell immobilizer available. Remember it is just an immobilizer and not a telephone.

·         The Pretender holstered is 4 1/4 inches tall, 2 1/8 crawls in width, and 1 1/2 inches thick permitting it to be tactfully conveyed as a PDA.

·          Just weighting roughly .35 lbs. is reason to the point of taking it wherever with you.

The Pretenders highlights:

·         The Pretender accompanies 950,000 volts of thump down power making it one of the most impressive immobilizers available today.

·         Holster

·         Brilliant 12 drove streak light.

·         Implicit security switch. At the point when wellbeing switch is off the unit can’t fire anyway when the security switch is turned on a green drove light cautions you that it is prepared to fire, then you should simply pull the trigger.

Working the actor:

·         The actor should be un-holstered for the full impact to be felt anyway it functions admirably in the holster.

·         When un-holstered move the wellbeing change to the on position and it is prepared to fire.

·         Pull the trigger and press against your assailant.

Test Results:

·         Battery test: I pulled the trigger multiple times for 5 second lengths despite everything had battery left. Remember you ought to never test shoot any Stun firearm for in excess of a 1 second stretch. Assuming that you cause it could harm the unit and void the makes guarantee. The charge ought to most recent a while even with month test firings.

·         Shock test: I would be a liar on the off chance that I let you know I wasn’t troubled about this test. I gave the unit to my significant other (yes she was grinning) and advised her to stun me in the mid-region for one to two seconds. After I lifted myself up off the ground and cleared the slobber off of my face I understood that this immobilizer truly works. Allow me to qualify this a little for you. I’m 6 feet tall and 225lbs. My significant other said I shouted like a young lady. I can perceive you it will drop your aggressor giving you an opportunity to escape. I recuperated decently fast around 30 seconds to get my considerations together and an additional 3 minutes to totally acquire my resources, and an additional 5 minutes to change materials (and yes the required evolving).


The faker immobilizer is a considerable gadget that is best in your grasp and not that of your significant other’s. I would energetically prescribe this stagger gadget to anybody searching for an individual security device. Recollect the best opportunity to become familiar with your illustration about private security and self preservation is prior to something occurs.

Adam Sisterhen is the leader of Your Personal Security Store and writer of individual security and self protection articles. He is a pleased promoter and a firm devotee to individual security and self preservation items that assist with safeguarding you, your family and your friends and family.

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