The Gospel Is Also Called the Word of God – And It Is Also Called the Ministry of Jesus

 The Gospel Is Also Called the Word of God – And It Is Also Called the Ministry of Jesus

What is “the declaration of Jesus”? It is an indispensable piece of the book of Revelation, so we should know what the expression implies. It is the thing that may be known as the reality of Jesus, for sure certain individuals call the religion of Jesus. My keep going article was on “The Word of God,” and how it doesn’t simply mean frases do coringa the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. It’s the same way with the declaration of Jesus – the reality of Jesus, the religion of Jesus. It is something unmistakable. It doesn’t simply mean the Bible overall.

In addition to other things, the Old Testament was a review, a gauge and a forecast of coming occasions. It is history, however it isn’t simply history. It is law, yet it isn’t simply law. It has been known as a ‘front shadowing’ of occasions that would change the world. Religious philosophy calls this ‘the Christ occasion.’


Comprehend ‘the declaration of Jesus,’ as it is ‘the expression of God.’ Things don’t generally mean what we think they mean. To recap the expression of God, on the off chance that we take a gander at I Thessalonians 2, we note that Paul makes reference to the expression of God twice in stanza 13. Yet, in the initial 12 refrains he makes 4 direct references to the gospel by utilizing the word ‘gospel,’ in addition to two inferred references. Obviously we realize that Paul says the gospel was his consistent message and service (Acts 20:24). The gospel was the new agreement of beauty that was explicitly uncovered to Paul by God for us, which he likewise calls as the secret of Christ (Col 1:23-26, Eph 1:2-4).

We can see that his entire subject is THE GOSPEL, yet in section 13 he only changes from discussing the gospel, and considers it the expression of God. In any case, he has not changed subjects – he’s actually discussing exactly the same thing. To Paul, when he expressed with regards to the expression of God, he wasn’t discussing the Bible from Genesis to Revelation – he was discussing the good news of the completed work of Christ.


For millennia, in the Old Testament, individuals were centered around the future, attempting frantically to get what was coming (read First Peter 1:8-10). Then, at that point, Jesus came changing our brains about salvation, our character in God, and natural and timeless life.

From that point forward, as a result of the book of Revelation, we are told to return into a future-centered hope about the arrival of Christ: the last days. Disclosure is supposed to be about what’s to come.

Future end-time believing is looting us blind.

The book of Revelation itself pronounces that it is

with regards to “the expression of God” and “the declaration of Jesus,”

– in addition to a future lectured by cutting edge masters.


“The expression of God,” and “the declaration of Jesus” are both referenced twice in the primary section of Revelation (stanzas 2 and 9). At the point when the Bible rehashes the same thing this near one another make a unique note of it. My last article showed how it is THE GOSPEL that satisfies the expression of God in us (Col 1:23-26). So the gospel turns into the focal point of what the Bible alludes to as “the expression of God.”

The gospel is the astounding principle Jesus brought that every one individuals were so flabbergasted by. It is the thing that imparts the affection, light and life of God himself – or as Jesus says, “The way, reality and the life.”


Presently we’ll perceive how “the declaration of Jesus” focuses to the extremely identical thing: the good news of the New Testament. You see THE GOSPEL is a lot of a piece of Revelation. Recall in Revelation 1:19, John was told to expound on three things: (1) the things which you have seen, (2) the things which are, and (3) the things that will in any case occur.

The gospel even heads the rundown: the things he heard and saw during his 3 ½ years with Jesus, which was the initiation of the gospel. Hear it once more: Revelation is essential for the New Covenant good news of the completed work of the cross – it isn’t taken out from it.

Jesus came to satisfy the Old Testament forecasts, and the Old Covenant law (Matt 5:18, Luke 24:27, 44). Jesus likewise came to take the stand, give declaration to absolute truth – the truth of the manner in which things truly are (John 18:37). As he said, all that he said he got from the Father.


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